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Diary Januar 2008

Diary-Übersicht | 2007: Dezember


Zarate: Hard Audio Trabajadores!

Englischer Beitrag der Pressestelle Zaratemusic, veröffentlicht am 22. Januar 2008 unter www.myspace.com/zaratemusic

(San Pedro (RTA)) Terremoto

Vamos a la Studio!

Zarate are checking in for studio work on their new heavy metal, pardon hardrockin, punching EP called "Terremoto" (=Earthquake), now in spring 2008...

Zarate is training on some special gimmicks like a hidden track of Miguel Zarate, performed with a tongue-implantation. Unfortunately the cattle-breeders from argentina had cut out his tongue in 2003/2004. So Miguel is playing the guitar nowadays on a nomal way - with his hands/manos. He is a great sensation because it's not that easy learning to play an instrument with an age of 27 again! Que sensacion, Miguel! We are proud of your energy, your enchuife, your hard work! If you are interested in more adventures of Miguel visit the Diary of RamirezArtist.

But that's not all: Jose Maria Zarate is already cleaning the studio rooms with an electric shampooing machine. "The carpets must be fluffy!" This is the device of Jose Maria. Listen to his hard-fluffy batteria (=drum)-beats! This is because of the great and tidy atmosfera in the studio.

Antonio is bass player of Zarate and great composer. He is in clausura now for a few days in Oslo/Norway. "Oslo is good for me! It keeps me in good mood and helps me with the hard work of transponing melodies. The Norwegians are very kind personas and the pisco is so expensive. Dio mio. There is nothing else to do but composing..." Good old Antonio, you are a true sensacion!

"Oslo is good for me. It keeps me in a good mood (...) and the pisco is so expensive! Dio Mio" (Antonio Tupolev Zarate, 2008)

Ramirez is the singer. Nothing more. Nada mas. Gracias!

The label-jefe of Oblivion Records, Don Marten Pesos, is hanging over because of the costs. He was forcing Antonio to Oslo because of the pisco-prices... Normally Antonio wanted to travel to SurAmerica or Berlin. But Don Marten says: "There is ONE opportunity: fly to Norway or stay at home!". Now Miguel has written a song called "Oslo". "Oslo, Oslo, forty glasses on the wall, Oslo for Antonio, ha ha ha ha ha ha.!" Maybe the song will be on the EP.

For getting the EP Terremoto, get in touch with Oblivion or their Myspace-Page.


Aufgepasst, es gibt drei noch nicht existente Exemplare für <Terremoto> zu gewinnen!

Schreibt, und Ihr bekommt eine EP aus dem Hause Oblivion sofort nach Fertigstellung zugesandt.

Beantwortet die drei Fragen und schickt eine Mail mit Eurer Post-Adresse an ramirez@zaratemusic.de

Die Fragen beziehen sich auf das Diary "Zarate: Hard Audio Trabajadores".

Achtung: es ist immer nur eine Antwort richtig und...Vorsicht: eine Fangfrage ist dabei...

Frage 1: In welcher Stadt hält sich Antonio momentan auf?

a) Oslo
b) Oostende
c) Oberstdorf

Frage 2: Wie alt ist Miguel Zarate heute im Jahr 2007 (Fangfrage, es zählt die reale Antwort!)?

a) 35
b) 30
c) 27

Frage 3: Jose Maria reinigt bevor er ins Studio geht...

a) den Teppich
b) seinen nagelneuen gläsernen Flügel von SCHIMMEL
c) seine Fingernägel

Vamos! Einsendeschluss ist der 31.03.08.
Der Rechtsweg ist von links und rechts her ausgeschlossen.

Mucho Suerte. Ramirez

Diary-Übersicht | 2007: Dezember


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